It was an exhibition about obstacles – things that stop us from acting on our ideas. We invited six artists to create new work. They spoke about the shame of being an outsider, their indecision and the chase to be successful, the misery of everyday, agression, radical ideology and judgment from others.

Blocked was created for TIFF Festival ’17 in collaboration with Krzysztof Pacholak, and placed in the Wroclaw Contemporary Museum. The festival’s overarching theme was Resources. In our understanding, resources were treated as all the ideas and goals that we all have, yet choose to keep them locked inside our heads. The six artists who created new work for the show were:

Rafał Milach
Weronika Gęsicka
Antonina Gugała
Anna Orłowska
Łukasz Filak
Konrad Trzeszczkowski (screenprint zin: I could do things which other men were incapable of doing)

Production was coordinated by our best and most dependable Małgorzata Sobolewska.
Special thanks to our special  consultant, architect Zuzanna Róg.