TIFF Plays Pokemon

I curated an exhibition about loneliness and collaboration in the Digital Age.

The projects featured at the exhibition offer a comment about the nature of the internet – a fascinating and unpredictable space, which is at the same time addictive and painfully lonely. Online collaboration can take different forms – from open cooperation and deliberate decisions made by all the interested parties to unconscious participation to intentional abuse.

The title of the exhibition is derived from a social experiment / online game Twitch Plays Pokemon, which was first played in 2014. At the peak of its popularity, the movements of a single character were simultaneously directed by 121,000 people logged on the Twitch platform.

Artists: Sophie Barbasch, Aaron Koblin & Takashi Kawashima, Eva & Franco Mattes, Andreas Schmidt, Penelope Umbrico, João Henrique Wilbert, Pavel Kovalski and hundreds of people unaware of their participation in the exhibition

Site design and cooperation: IP Group

Production: Małgorzata Sobolewska