Typical Kovalski

It’s nothing unusual that my mom would have wanted me to follow a safe and stable career. Instead of arts and culture, I could have chosen to do something „normal”… Something a „typical Kovalski” would do. Instead of a stable job, I just keep a fake LinkedIn profile. It helps my mom sleep at night.

Café Polonia

I went to Iran with a group of Polish artists. We developed an exhibition reflecting on the fate of Polish refugees, who came to Iran during WW II. It’s an important story to tell at a time when the cards have turned, and the Polish state refuses to help people who are begging for it.

Mark Shannity Live

This project was presented during Hamburg Photo Triennale, as part of [ESCAPE] exhibition curated by Virgilio Ferreira. „It won’t be easy, guys. The temperature is set to rise by 3° C by mid-century, by the most conservative estimates. Many of us will suffer. Many will die. Of course, we have this amazing power to adapt.


  Sugarhouse is my diploma project, focused on the industrial landscape, born out of fear of its mysteries. I actually got arrested taking these pictures… Turns out that photographing a state-owned strategically important structure at night is frowned upon.  See the full PDF: _Sugarhouse_