Fever Farm

FEVER FARM is an art production house. Immersive experiences, ART x TECH events, Speculative designs, Interactive arts, Mixed-reality, Visual porn, Photography, Trans-media Storytelling, Improv Performance, Art of the Arts, and so much more. Fever Farm is based in Amsterdam, but will go anywhere with you. www.feverfarm.com  

FIBER Weekends

I took on the role of Lead Producer of FIBER Weekends 2018 – a new, decentralized art event about emerging developments in audiovisual art, electronic music, performances, creative coding, and advanced technologies. The two-day programme presented immersive performances, a conference, a club night and works from upcoming and established artists. www.fiberweekends.nl My task was to pull

Unseen Amsterdam

Unseen is one of the most prominent events in the world of contemporary photography. It provides a channel for up-and-coming, as well as established artists to showcase their work. I coordinated the speakers program (Living Room) at Unseen 2018, organized in collaboration with Aperture Magazine. My tasks inlcuded programming discussion panels with emerging artists (Futures Presents),

Café Polonia

I went to Iran with a group of Polish artists. We developed an exhibition reflecting on the fate of Polish refugees, who came to Iran during WW II. It’s an important story to tell at a time when the cards have turned, and the Polish state refuses to help people who are begging for it.

Meet the Publisher

My curatorial debut was an exhibition showcasing the work of three photobook publishers: Jason Fulford (JL Books – USA) Rémi Faucheux (RVB Books – FR) Willem Van Zoetendaal (VZ Publishers – NL) I presented selected books and revealed the process that went into creating them. The aim of the exhibition, placed in Dizajn BWA Gallery,

Franek Ammer/ Maps

I produced an exhibition for TIFF Festival, curated by Franciszek Ammer. It was dedicated to the landscape of Polish photobook publishing, and laid out the main areas of interest: self-publishing, established publishing houses, competitions and workshops. We titled the show „Maps” and laid out a cartographic grid on the floor of BWA Awangarda, a great

Erik Kessels / Dutch Pages

We invited a well-established curator, Erik Kessels to make his selection of over 50 books that represent various trends in Dutch photobook publishing. All the books were be presented with the curator’s commentary and additional information about the artists. The aim of this exhibition was to introduce in Poland valuable artistic photo-books that are often