TIFF Plays Pokemon

I curated an exhibition about loneliness and collaboration in the Digital Age. The projects featured at the exhibition offer a comment about the nature of the internet – a fascinating and unpredictable space, which is at the same time addictive and painfully lonely. Online collaboration can take different forms – from open cooperation and deliberate

War & Peace

Thanks to Air_wro I spent the month of April in Dresden, in a curatorial residency at a GEH8 Kunstraum. It was an incredible month, I met some amazing people who I am working with  to produce an exhibition in Dresden in 2019: Marian Kaiser (Black Market) and Andreas Schmidt from c.rockefellergroup. The theme of the show (work in


It was an exhibition about obstacles – things that stop us from acting on our ideas. We invited six artists to create new work. They spoke about the shame of being an outsider, their indecision and the chase to be successful, the misery of everyday, agression, radical ideology and judgment from others. Blocked was created for TIFF

Meet the Publisher

My curatorial debut was an exhibition showcasing the work of three photobook publishers: Jason Fulford (JL Books – USA) Rémi Faucheux (RVB Books – FR) Willem Van Zoetendaal (VZ Publishers – NL) I presented selected books and revealed the process that went into creating them. The aim of the exhibition, placed in Dizajn BWA Gallery,