Fever Farm

FEVER FARM is an art production house. Immersive experiences, ART x TECH events, Speculative designs, Interactive arts, Mixed-reality, Visual porn, Photography, Trans-media Storytelling, Improv Performance, Art of the Arts, and so much more. Fever Farm is based in Amsterdam, but will go anywhere with you. www.feverfarm.com  

FIBER Weekends

I took on the role of Lead Producer of FIBER Weekends 2018 – a new, decentralized art event about emerging developments in audiovisual art, electronic music, performances, creative coding, and advanced technologies. The two-day programme presented immersive performances, a conference, a club night and works from upcoming and established artists. www.fiberweekends.nl My task was to pull

Unseen Amsterdam

Unseen is one of the most prominent events in the world of contemporary photography. It provides a channel for up-and-coming, as well as established artists to showcase their work. I coordinated the speakers program (Living Room) at Unseen 2018, organized in collaboration with Aperture Magazine. My tasks inlcuded programming discussion panels with emerging artists (Futures Presents),

Typical Kovalski

It’s nothing unusual that my mom would have wanted me to follow a safe and stable career. Instead of arts and culture, I could have chosen to do something „normal”… Something a „typical Kovalski” would do. Instead of a stable job, I just keep a fake LinkedIn profile. It helps my mom sleep at night.

TIFF Plays Pokemon

I curated an exhibition about loneliness and collaboration in the Digital Age. The projects featured at the exhibition offer a comment about the nature of the internet – a fascinating and unpredictable space, which is at the same time addictive and painfully lonely. Online collaboration can take different forms – from open cooperation and deliberate

Café Polonia

I went to Iran with a group of Polish artists. We developed an exhibition reflecting on the fate of Polish refugees, who came to Iran during WW II. It’s an important story to tell at a time when the cards have turned, and the Polish state refuses to help people who are begging for it.

Mark Shannity Live

This project was presented during Hamburg Photo Triennale, as part of [ESCAPE] exhibition curated by Virgilio Ferreira. „It won’t be easy, guys. The temperature is set to rise by 3° C by mid-century, by the most conservative estimates. Many of us will suffer. Many will die. Of course, we have this amazing power to adapt.

War & Peace

Thanks to Air_wro I spent the month of April in Dresden, in a curatorial residency at a GEH8 Kunstraum. It was an incredible month, I met some amazing people who I am working with  to produce an exhibition in Dresden in 2019: Marian Kaiser (Black Market) and Andreas Schmidt from c.rockefellergroup. The theme of the show (work in


It was an exhibition about obstacles – things that stop us from acting on our ideas. We invited six artists to create new work. They spoke about the shame of being an outsider, their indecision and the chase to be successful, the misery of everyday, agression, radical ideology and judgment from others. Blocked was created for TIFF